How To Improve Sleep with Kiwifruit

Improve Sleep Kiwifruit

For many of us, it is our work that gives shape to our daily lives.

Long working hours, stressful days, young children, a snoring partner, and changing shift patterns can all have a profound effect on our sleep patterns.

Getting up and going to bed at different times of the day isn’t just inconvenient – this lack of routine can cause disruptions to the body’s circadian rhythms (the bodies 24-hour biological “clock” that regulates sleep-wake cycles).

Add elevated cortisol levels into the mix (stress), and the brain and body do not stand a chance at getting a restful nights sleep.

However, there are four foods in particular, that can help remedy this situation.

The first is kiwifruit.

“Just two kiwifruits one hour before bed could improve sleep onset, duration and efficiency.” (1)

Enhanced sleep patterns can, in turn, lead to improved cognitive function, increased alertness, enhanced immunity and better emotional stability.

However, the benefits of kiwifruit do not stop at a restful nights sleep.

Studies have shown that just one medium kiwifruit packs 117% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C!

Plus, this tangy fruit provides 38% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin K, a nutrient often missing from people’s diets that is essential for bodily functions such as normal blood clotting (2).

Several studies on this green super fruit also show that just one kiwifruit per day is enough to significantly boost DNA repair and prevent DNA damage (3)(4).

Now that is one remarkable fuzzy fruit!

But what are the other three foods that could help you to drift off like sleeping beauty?

Visit my next post ‘Eat These 3 Foods Before Bed for A Better Nights Sleep‘ to find out more.

Why not try it for yourself? Take two kiwifruits one hour before bed for two weeks and let us know your results!

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